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In this 30 minute call we will

  • Learn a little about each other

  • Based on your unique situation I will give you something you can implement and execute right away

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You are not crazy.
You are dealing with an individual whose goal is to make you think you are. This is a tactic of a narcissist. The behavior is insidious and meant to control and manipulate you in ways that destroy your confidence and mental well being. 
Sign up to get the latest on overcoming toxic relationships and healing from narcissistic abuse. 

What’s the Cost of Inaction (COI) – if you do nothing about the problem?

This is a real effect if you don’t address this toxic relationship whether personal or professional.  Toxic people or toxic situations or toxic relationships don’t resolve themselves on their own.  I have the education, the experience and the dedication to guide you to freedom from this toxicity.  We can get started today.  When is the best time to start? According to a Chinese proverb “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”  Let’s go.   

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