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Team conflict

  • Do you have conflict among your teams?  

  • Does your staff need to know how to handle difficult people? 

Difficult people could be customers, clients or coworkers but we all encounter difficult people at some time. Now, more than ever, companies need to invest in their employees and educate them.  


These topics can be customized to your needs.  The workshop can be 1-hour -2 1/2 hours in length.  




Building Relationships, Raising Your Emotional Intelligence, and Navigating Difficult People at Work

How to Read the Room  - Learning to Build Rapport Quickly 

I will help you learn to acclimate to any situation quickly.  Learning how to read the room is key to building better relationships. Koreans think it’s so important they have a term for it - nunchi.  Relationships are the cornerstone to improving business and building your network. If you can quickly read the room, you will improve your chances of success in any environment! 

Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how does it improve our relationships? Relationships are the cornerstone to improving business and building your network. I’ll explore how to make emotional intelligence part of your everyday practice and learn how it benefits all of our relationships, teamwork, and collaboration.  I’ll share some pop culture references to make the concepts easier to understand and to relate.

Navigating Difficult People

The differences between high emotional intelligence and narcissism can be destructive to your organization if you are not aware. While this is not traditional narcissistic abuse, toxic people show narcissistic traits in the workplace  What are the characteristics of a toxic individual? How do we cope with them?  I will help you learn to identify these individuals who are preventing you from achieving success.  I will give you solutions on how to co-exist and succeed. 


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