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Speaking and Training

Book Lynn to speak at your conference, event or to your team, ERG or organization.  Lynn helps people learn to read the room and navigate difficult people in the workplace. 


Group Coaching

Limited to 8 clients

8 week program

Zoom calls once per week


One on One Coaching

1:1 Coaching with Lynn is transformational.  If you’re in a situation with difficult people, you know it.  You feel invalidated, unimportant, like you’re going crazy.  I get it.  I’ve been there.  I really love helping people who are trying to get out or manage toxic relationships with family members, co-workers or bosses.  It’s time to free yourself from this toxicity.   We will walk this path together.  Tell me about yourself. 

We meet over zoom for one hour per week.  I’ll be your guide to healing, understanding and recovery.  It’s time to move forward. 

For more individual attention during our time together, you’ll have direct access to me on Instagram messenger and texting. 

The transformation comes over this period of private coaching.  Together we’ll learn to identify the triggering behaviors, develop clear boundaries and coping strategies and appreciate the strength we didn’t realize we had. 

12 week program (3 months)

1 hour zoom call per week, practical direction with resources and homework provided.

Direct access to Lynn throughout the 12 weeks via Instagram messenger. 

24 week program (6 months)

1 hour zoom call per week, the transformation begets results


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