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Narcissistic abuse comes in many forms.  We can encounter this type of person in our personal or professional lives.  Understanding how to navigate these types of difficult people is one of the most important skills we can develop.

When you finally break free, you’ll need to detoxify your life from them and learn to heal.

I can help.  Whether you choose 1:1 Coaching or take the Mini Training Course, at your own pace, I will guide you on your path to emotional freedom.  

You’ve been conditioned, sometimes over years, to accept this person as they are and consider their behavior normal. It’s not. Once you take a step back and discover that you’ve been walking on eggshells, the whole time. You have anxiety, every single time you are with this person. How has it affected you?  

We need to give ourselves permission to leave relationships that are hurtful, stressful, or negative.  You’re exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally.  It takes everything out of you to be constantly combative with this type of person.  

It’s not quitting.  It’s freedom. I can remind you that you have the self-respect and inner resources to stand up for yourself.  Take back your power and have the respect for yourself to leave. 

In many situations, like mine, this toxic person, this narcissist, is widely-recognized, even revered in your community.  This makes your experience all the more frustrating as people find it hard to believe this great person could abuse you emotionally.  I’ve spent years trying to be the bigger person and that’s meant shrinking myself, minimizing the years of manipulation, and being quiet.  I’m done with that behavior.  I’m no longer silently taking the abuse.  Enough is enough.

Life’s too short to waste time being unhappy. Don’t let your narcissist steal one more moment of your life.  

Whether you feel most comfortable in 1:1 Coaching or taking the Mini Training Course at your own pace, know that you will learn to identify these types of toxic people, you will learn to cope if you must, 

you will ignite your inner resources and self-confidence to no longer allow this destructive behavior, and you will learn to forgive this person and let it go.  If time is the most valuable currency, where will you spend it? How long will you wait for your narcissist to change? The constant emotional abuse can cause physical health problems. People get sick due to endless stress.

It’s not you, it’s them.  Start your journey on the road to recovery and healing today.  I can help you if the narcissist in your life is a parent, a friend, a sibling, a romantic partner or your boss or co-worker.

Narcissists are consistent in their behaviors.  
Let’s start today.  


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