Do you feel like you're going crazy?

You're not alone.

It's not your fault.

Let's talk about how I can help you heal

Those who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) create confusion and chaos around them. It's their intention to make you feel crazy.  It's critical for you to protect your mental health and talk to someone familiar with NPD.  

I’ve been there.  I’ve felt like up is down and black is white.  Was I going crazy? Nothing felt normal or at least nothing felt as it had my whole life until then. 

When you are in a relationship with a toxic person, no matter if they are:

  • Your romantic partner

  • Your parent

  • Your sibling

  • Your boss/co-worker

Are you lost, confused, hurt, and feel like you’ve been walking on eggshells?

Have you been googling the symptoms of your toxic person?  Are you feeling 

  • Belittled?

  • Lied to and when you question it, they get upset?

  • A sense of self-doubt, in fact, doubts about everything.

  • Stressed and anxious being around them?

  • They’ve been wearing a mask and then suddenly taken it off?

1:1 Coaching with Lynn is transformational

What you need is results.  Today’s the day.  My coaching program will teach you the mindset and the mechanics of de-toxifying your life.  If you are here now, you need to speak to someone.  I hope if it’s not me, you find someone to speak to and work with.  I have a strategy.  Today is the day to make a change.  

It's time to free yourself from this toxicity. Don't let this narcissistic abuse hold you back from finding happiness. Don't wait one more day.

1:1 Coaching = a customized, personal guide to your emotional freedom.  

Working with Lynn, you can expect:

  • A fresh perspective

  • A clear strategy for a path without toxic people

  • Some tough love

What you allow will continue

1:1 coaching

Are you ready to let go of what’s holding you back? Invest in yourself.  
Let’s get started.

  • Zoom sessions for 1:1 coaching, meeting every week

  • Unlimited email support with Lynn

  • Confidentially share your goals with Lynn

  • Learn to harness your emotional intelligence, your mindset, and your beliefs 

  • Gain the skills to identify these types of people and avoid them 

  • Gain the confidence and inner resources to chart your own course

  • Gain the clear empowerment to take action

  • This is your first step to emotional freedom from this toxic person!