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I suffered from a toxic relationship & I'm telling my story and helping others overcome

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Lynn teaches skills and provides resources that help you navigate a toxic environment to minimize the effect it has on your mental well being. 

Her success and practical experience has always been driven by the relationships she has built.


Lynn can help you build effective and enduring relationships. All everyone is searching for is dignity, especially in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand one's own emotions and respect and recognize others emotions. This is how we all can be more efficient as a team, as a business and as an organization. Leverage Lynn's proprietary mix to make yourself unique and become a nunchi master.


Lynn has embraced change throughout her career. 

After achieving a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, cum laude, at Boston University, she continued her education at the University of Buffalo Law School.


Lynn is a licensed attorney in New York State but chose to pursue other opportunities. The chance to build a new hospital foundation emerged and her fundraising career was born. After 16 years building that foundation, she went on to a large community foundation assisting donors to become the architect of their legacy. Lynn realized she missed the gratification of local philanthropy in her community and assisting the needs of another hospital foundation.


Today, she has pivoted to speak to groups of all sizes to share experiences and help people rise above the chaos. Lynn loves to share stories about great leaders and toxic bosses. Lynn loves spending time with her family, traveling, antique hunting and playing bananagrams.

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Lynn's Talks


How to Read the Room, Identify Toxic Relationships and Rise Above the Chaos

Learning how to read the room is key to building better relationships.


Relationships are the cornerstone to improving business and building your network. If you can quickly read the room, you will improve your chances of success in any environment! The differences between high emotional intelligence and narcissism can be destructive to your organization if you are not aware. What are the characteristics of a toxic boss? How do we cope with them? Lynn will show you how to practice reflective listening and exhibit high emotional intelligence.


Lynn will teach you to become a master of quick nunchi! Let Lynn show you how to rise above the chaos and you will leave with a concrete plan.


How to Recognize a Toxic Boss and Overcome it

Narcissists present as toxic bosses in the workplace.


Sometimes, we have to remain in a job for various reasons and need a coping strategy.


Lynn will teach you how to identify these toxic relationships and give you specific mechanisms to overcome them.


The Art of Nunchi and Reflective Listening

Nunchi is the Korean term for reading the room.


The more you know, the faster you will adapt to new situations and the more likely you are to succeed.


Lynn will be your nunchi guide.


Lynn has the ability to take you on an unexpected journey where you'll experience one "a-ha" moment after another. She's inspiring, insightful and energetic. Lynn connected with the audience right away and established rapport and trust with her authentic and genuine personality. The topics were relevant, the stories were enlightening and she captivated every single person in the room! We enjoyed every minute of her talk and she galvanized key leadership lessons into our minds that we will reflect on and draw upon for years to come.

Lisa Churakos

CEO, Course Creator, Web Developer


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