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Trauma Bonds 101

I teach you how to identify the bond and my 8 step method on how to break free. 

Free yourself from the narcissist.


Break the ties that bind.

Never again.

Have you ever said this about a narcissistic relationship you had after they pushed you to your limit?


Never again will I

  • tolerate the lies

  • the gaslighting

  • the silent treatment


Did you ever wonder what has kept you going back for so long?


Trauma bonds. These are the ties that bind us to the narcissist.


Discover the untold secrets experts don’t share about breaking free from narcissistic trauma bonds and reclaiming your power.


Never again. Learn how you got here, understand why it happened, and adopt key strategies to never let this happen again. 


In this course, you will learn to:


  • Take back your power and heal from the trauma in ways the experts aren’t sharing. 


  • Learn the most effective strategies and insights to recover, heal, and get your life back. 


  • Learn why you keep going back, understand how you got here and never get involved with a narcissist again. 


You didn’t deserve it, It’s not your fault, you’re not crazy. 10 lessons on how to break free from the cycle of narcissistic abuse.

Here’s what you get when you enroll today:


  1. What is a trauma bond? Understanding why we keep going back to the narcissist (Value $250)

  2. The Narcissistic Abuse Cycle – 3 stages broken down plus the Hoover Maneuver (Value $400)

  3. 8 Steps To Break the Trauma Bond with Your Narcissist (Value $500)

  4. Bonus #1 How to write your own affirmations & learn breathing exercises (Value $33)

  5. Bonus #2 Learn about boundaries & examples (Value $33)

  6. Bonus #3 How to Navigate an Argument with a Narcissist (Value $88)

  7. Bonus #4 Lynn’s 10 Red Flags of someone with NPD (Value $288)


Total Value $1,592


Today’s Special Price:                 $49

Enroll Today!

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