Wrecking Ball Relationship Revelations

An introduction to learning how to: identify, deal, and heal from Narcissistic Abuse

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In This Training You Will Learn:

Take the first step to dealing and healing from Narc Abuse


Do you feel you’re going crazy because of a narcissist? Do you feel:
  • Belittled?
  • Lied to and when you question it, they get upset?
  • A sense of self-doubt, in fact, doubts about everything.
  • Stressed and anxious being around them?
  • They’ve been wearing a mask and then suddenly taken it off?


You’ll find answers and coping strategies to deal with the narcissist in your life. 
This isn’t about someone in your life making a mistake that hurt you. This is about a pattern of behavior that’s disrespectful, demeaning, and detrimental to you over time. It feels like alternating water torture, drip, drip, drip, and head-on cruel and unusual punishment. Here comes the wrecking ball again…


You aren’t alone or being too sensitive. This course will help you identify the toxic people in your life and navigate them. Some people can leave and eliminate the toxicity from their life. Others, like me, can’t leave. A parent is still a parent, no matter what. Don’t pretend these people can change, they won’t.


You’ll need to change, adapt, and grow to protect yourself. I hope this course sets you on the right path to a healthy mental and emotional place and better relationships. 

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